Centerline is the first theme available anywhere for Associate-O-Matic that displays the category items in a vertical format; hence the name. It also has the Sort box and Pagination on the same line, instead of stacked. This is a great general-purpose theme, with many options for further customization. It features an eye-catching header image with text and menu buttons that can be easily changed to suit your niche. This template has been designed to use straight or rounded corners (not available for IE), and comes with four color options, as well as three basic home page layouts. It also looks fantastic with nearly all the default AOM color schemes.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Fixed 980px layout
  • Full custom button sets for all currently available Amazon locales
  • Four built-in color options
  • Three basic home page layouts
  • Preset shopping cart text

Price: $35.00

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