Geo Logic

Geo Logic

Geo Logic uses brick and polished marble textures to give it a look of authority and a solid feel. The associated color scheme includes approximations of all the surfaces, so similar colors will load as a ‘backup’ to the images (important with slower browsers). This theme comes complete with a full custom button set, three basic home page templates, and includes space for any banner ad code you might want to supply in the header area. If not, the area can be left blank. This is a fun template that can be used at any width, and has been designed to work with square or rounded corners (not available with Internet Explorer).

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Integrated space for banner ads in the header area
  • Full set of custom buttons for all available Amazon locales
  • Preset shopping cart text
  • Comes with three sample home page templates
  • Can be used at any width

Price: $25.00

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4 thoughts on “Geo Logic

  1. Jerry

    These templates look like they are from the early 90s.. Netscape anyone?

    Please design more templates for AOM like these:
    {link removed}

    1. mcarp555

      Don’t worry; by the time this site has 3000 templates, you might find one you like. Keep checking back.

  2. Johnny

    So where are the other 2988 themes?

    1. mcarp555

      More are coming…. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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