Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

To start the ball rolling on tutorials, let’s look at the basic install process. To start with, your new template should be in the form of a zip file, which you download into your computer. Unlike the AOM files themselves, which need to be unzipped before installing, you do not have to unzip the template files. Go to your AOM control panel and click on the Themes tab. Then in the center of the page, click on the Install a new Theme link. A popup box will appear, allowing you to browse to the template zip file:

Theme box popup

You then select the zip file and click on the Okay button. The template files will then be unzipped and installed automatically. When you close the popup box, the control panel will refresh and the new theme will be  available for you to select. Click on the theme and then Save. If there are any associated color schemes, they will now appear under the Colors tab. Go there and select the scheme you want, and click Save again.

Your new template scheme should now be installed. If your AOM store is already in another window, you may need to refresh it to see the new theme. Check the zip file on your hard drive for any README files, which should explain any special features or aspects of the theme in question. And that’s the process in a nutshell. Changing between themes is as easy as selecting between the ones that appear under the Themes tab (and color schemes under the Colors tab).

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