Manual Installation

The installation process is automatic, fast and easy. But as experienced computer users know, nothing is ever foolproof. This will be a brief look at how to do a manual installation of a template into an Associate-O-Matic site.

Before trying a manual install, it’s strongly recommended that you run through the steps of the automatic procedure, just in case:

  1. Go to the Themes tab of your AOM control panel and select Install a new theme.
  2. Browse to the location of the template zip file and select it.
  3. Click the Install Theme button. When the theme finishes uploading, close the popup window.
  4. The page should refresh, and show you the new theme, available for selection.
  5. If there are any associated color schemes, go to the Colors tab and select the scheme you wish to use.

If that fails, you will need to manually unzip the template file. Windows from XP on up has a built-in unzip program. Simply browse to the file on your computer and right-click. The menu should have ‘Extract’ or something similar. You can also get free unzip programs from the web. Make sure the files unzip into the correct directory structure. You should see:

  • A folder with at least four subdirectory folders inside (colors, css, images & js)
  • A long list of files, most of which end with ‘tpl.php’
  • A theme.php and a theme png file

Once the file is unzipped, upload the main folder containing all of the above into the /aom/themes folder of your store. You should already see a default folder in place. You can use a standard FTP program like Filezilla to upload the files and folders together.

If there are any associated color schemes, these will be in the colors subfolder of your template. You will need to upload the scheme_template_name.php files into the /aom/colors folder of your site. You should notice several default AOM schemes already in this folder.

After you’ve successfully uploaded the template files and color scheme into your store, log into your AOM control panel. The template and associated colors should now be ready for selection from the Themes and Colors tabs.

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