An Atmospherium is a device used to project images of clouds on the inside of a dome, like a planetarium for the atmosphere (hence the name). Similarly, the Atmospherium theme uses gradients throughout to achieve a subtle sky-like effect. The gradients are CSS-based, not images, and tested with FireFox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE8+). This is a variable-width template that looks wonderful at any size. One interesting feature is the use of the tabs, heavily modified to produce an oversized box top above the search and location bars. This feature is designed so that if you use the tabs without the search box, the bottom of the tab bar will become round (when using rounded corners); if you use the search box without the tabs, the tab bar will collapse to a thin box top, fitting in with the other boxes on the page, as shown below:


Atmospherium theme with tabs and search box
Tabs and search bar both on

Tabs on and search bar off
Tabs on and search bar off

Tabs off and search bar on
Tabs off and search bar on

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Double-border boxes throughout
  • Preset shopping cart text (can be overridden)
  • Four color schemes included
  • Three basic home page templates you can customize
  • Variable-width design
  • Customizable header menu buttons (‘Contact’, ‘About Us’, ‘Blog’, etc.)
  • Full set of custom buttons for all current Amazon locales

Price: $35.00

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