Inboxed is an exciting theme that plays with visual elements to produce a striking new look. It features a series of boxes that set off various parts of the page, moving the eye towards the product and the information about it. The header area contains space for a standard-size banner ad, with the (optional) Site Map and Shopping Cart buttons along the top. There’s also a bold ‘Home’ link so customers can find their way back easily. The search and optional location bars have been combined into their own box, allowing room for an expanded search typing area, and nearly the full width of the page for a breadcrumb trail. This is a fixed-width template that cannot fail to impress your customers.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Preset Shopping Cart text (that you can easily override with your own text)
  • Full set of custom buttons for each Amazon locale
  • Three home page examples you can use as a basis to customize
  • Four built-in color schemes to choose from, or create your own
  • Example standard-size banner ad you can remove or replace with your own ad script

Price: $35.00

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