For a versatile theme with a contemporary feel, look no further than Proxima. This stylish template uses a floating-style logo set against a dark full-width horizontal bar (which also contains a reduced-size search feature), and room for a regular ad unit. Beneath that is an offset rollover menu bar displaying the standard features (most of which can be removed as usual) along with your own fully customizable links.

This theme is variable width to suit your needs and has many eye-catching details, such as the vertical lines separating the product images from descriptions, as well as a full button set for all current Amazon locales, including a streamlined search button in all languages, and even a custom go button for the advanced search page.

In addition, there are four exciting color schemes to choose from – Forest, Sand, Sangria and Charcoal.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Variable-width
  • Full set of custom Amazon buttons for all current locales
  • Preset shopping cart text that you can override
  • Four color schemes included
  • Three example home page designs

Price: $35.00

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7 thoughts on “Proxima

  1. I have used this theme, it’s very good. But i can’t insert ad banner which on the right top. How to do that?

    1. mcarp555

      Edit the header.tpl.php file. You’ll see where the banner ad space is located; just replace the example image with your banner ad code.

  2. Thx for the reply 🙂 One more question, how to change the font of Title (Proxima Theme, Add Your Own Tagline Here)?
    Can I insert into it with a picture? How to do that?

    1. mcarp555

      You would have to edit the #logo a and h3 tags in the css.tpl.php file to change the fonts. I would not recommend trying to use an image as the header area really isn’t designed for that. It would probably require a serious restructuring and recoding for the entire header area.

  3. hi i want to ask is it possible for me to change title in navigation bar like contact us or privacy policy to blog title

    1. mcarp555

      If you want to add a link to a blog, sure. Just edit the links in the header.tpl.php file (they are marked to show you where they’re located).

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