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It has recently been announced that Amazon will be adding two more locales to their API (the data feed used by Associate-O-Matic). China ( and Italy ( will be joining the US, UK, DE, FR, CA and JP locales. This is fantastic news and will allow AOM users to expand into these countries, hopefully with the release of v5.1 sometime in September of this year.

AOM Skins will continue to keep our themes international by expanding our custom button sets to include China and Italy at that time. Templates produced afterwards will include a full button set for these new locales, as well as the six now available. And we will be adding the extra sets to all the older themes also, to keep them up to date.

Any AOM Skins customer who has purchased a template and would like to add the new locales can do so, at no charge. Just drop us a line via the Contact Us form and we’ll be happy to send you both or either sets as you prefer.* Then just upload the buttons to the images folder of your AOM Skins template files (such as /aom/themes/atmospherium/images).

If your template already comes with the button sets for China and Italy, you don’t have to do anything.


* Free button set is limited to and buttons only.
Offer good only for customers who have already purchased template files from AOM Skins.

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