Quintessence is an elegant theme that’s aimed to appeal to particular target groups for maximum effect. With its highly stylized background and choice of colors, this would be a perfect template choice for a Wedding niche. Other possible uses could be for sites geared towards young women, such as Healing products, Jewelery or many others. The standout features of this theme include the subtle 3-D effect in the header image, as well as in the side columns and product information. This is a fixed-width template with built-in Shopping Cart text, and a full set of custom buttons for all current Amazon locales. The footer area contains a horizontal menu, perfect for About Us, Contact or Shipping Information pages, etc. And room at the very bottom for any legal information such as a copyright notice, email links and so on. All completely customizable to suit your needs.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Fixed-width
  • Full set of custom buttons
  • Preset Shopping Cart text (can be overridden)
  • Three sample Home Page layouts


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