Kinetic is defined as “pertaining to motion”. This theme is certainly the embodiment of energy in motion. It features an incredible amount of detail to make it stand out from the pack. From the top nav menu to the highly stylized search box, to the wide columns down to the bottom nav bar that buttons the whole site up, this is a template that uses grace and smooth function to define itself as different from anything else. The category and item pages have been specially redesigned to not look like your typical Associate-O-Matic layout, as well as the View Cart page. Almost everything that could be tinkered with, probably has been.

In addition, it has a full set of custom buttons for all current Amazon locales, including custom image buttons for Search, Advanced Search and Sort. Built-in shopping cart text (you can override), and four custom color schemes are included (Blue Moon, Dusty, Forest and Twilight). And if that’s not enough, three sample home page layouts you can modify to use as a starting point for your own ideas, as well as room in the header for a standard-size ad banner. We think you’ll agree that Kinetic lives up to its name.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Top Navigation Menu
  • Customized Search area
  • Full set of custom buttons for all current Amazon locales
  • Four color schemes included
  • Three sample home page layouts
  • Built-in shopping cart text
  • Variable-width

Price: $35.00

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2 thoughts on “Kinetic

  1. 1 license can use for multi site?

    1. mcarp555

      Yes; like the AOM license, you can use it on as many of your own sites as you wish, as long as the sites belong to you.

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