AOM v5.1 Upgrade

AOM v5.1 Upgrade

Associate-O-Matic version 5.1 has just been released, which has required changes to be made to all current template files on this site. The main changes are outlined briefly below. These include:

China: Support has been added for, including a new Chinese (Mandarin) language file. This has required making new button sets for each theme.

Italy: As with China, AOM is now available for An Italian language file is included with v5.1, and all templates now have a full Italian button set.

Merchant Section: Amazon has made drastic changes to the Merchant section of products. Detailed information on these changes is available elsewhere (see the AOM forum or the AOM Talk blog).  This has required substantial changes to the template files regarding these areas.

Pagination: Amazon has limited the total number of pages for each category to 10 (from 400). This has required editing to the page numbering system.

In addition there are a number of minor bug fixes and corrections. Each template has been edited and tested, with additional buttons created and added.


Anyone interesting in purchasing a theme from this site can rest assured that they are getting the most up-to-date versions to be fully compliant with the latest upgrade of AOM.

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