Progress report

Progress report

Associate-O-Matic version 5.1 has been out for a few weeks as of the time of writing, and many AOM users are coming to this site after upgrading. Some are returning again and again, no doubt to see what’s new. When templating was first introduced a few months ago, there was a mad dash to get as many templates out as possible, so that customers could enjoy a variety of choice. The Kinetic theme was the culmination of what could happen with a little more time and thought during development.

For a variety of reasons, new designs have been on hold for awhile. One reason was in order to upgrade all the current themes to comply with the changes required for v5.1. This included altering and testing the theme files, and creating additional button sets for the new new locales, China and Italy. Other delays were also encountered, further holding back any attempt to work on new themes.  Most of these issues have now been dealt with, and we are looking at features to incorporate into the next theme, whatever it turns out to be. Our goal is to set a high standard and maintain it, so that anyone who purchases an AOM Skins theme gets the best value possible.

As an example, support for (Spain) will be rolled out in the next AOM upgrade. Spanish button sets have already been created for all current templates. Any changes required to the theme files will be incorporated and tested as soon as possible.

No deadline has been set yet for the next template, but we hope to begin shortly. Thank you to our customers for their support, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with a wide range of exciting and eye-catching templates to help make your Associate-O-Matic site a pleasant shopping experience for your own customers.

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