Heliotrope is a template packed with new and exciting features. First and foremost of these is the category drop-down menu from the top navigation bar. What makes this category menu different from all the rest is that it is dynamically generated. This means you don’t have to manually enter the categories into the nav bar. When you set up your categories in the Associate-O-Matic control panel, they are also set up in the drop-down. Reordering the list and hiding categories is done through the control panel as well. Plus, it will only appear in the navigation bar when the L/R category box is turned off.  If the category box is turned on, the drop-down menu vanishes. No need to edit files when adding, removing or editing categories. It’s all done effortlessly from the site Admin area.

Heliotrope drop-down list and button hover effect

Another first-time feature of this theme is the button set, which is CSS-generated. This means they are highlighted when you cursor over them. No other AOM template currently offers this unique feature. Because the buttons are automatically created, they will always include all current Amazon locales.

As well as this, the side menus and top navigation bar all use a hover effect as well. You can customize the nav bar with your own external or internal links. If built-in feature items such as Advanced Search or Sitemap are turned off, they disappear from the menu bar. A Back to Top button has been added for most product pages, and the Search box, Pagination links & Advanced Search page have been stylized to make them look less like standard AOM items.

Plus, like many other templates found on this site, the shopping cart page includes built-in text (which you can override), four separate color schemes (Mesa, Deep Fern, Blues and Cool Dark), and three sample home page layouts you can customize for your own individual look.

It all adds up to make Heliotrope one of the most innovative Associate-O-Matic templates yet.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Unique drop-down category menu
  • Hover highlight effect on all standard buttons for all Amazon locales
  • Hover highlighting on side column menu items
  • Variable-width layout
  • Four color schemes included
  • Built-in shopping cart text included
  • Drop-down menu list for internal pages (About Us, Contact, Shipping Information, Privacy Policy, etc.)
  • Three sample home page layouts included

Price: $35.00

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6 thoughts on “Heliotrope

  1. siti

    i just buy it. how to use home page sample (aom/themes/heliotrope/extras/homepage1.php). i can use/edit this

    1. mcarp555

      This has been answered by email, and may be the subject of an upcoming tutorial.

  2. ac

    hi, what files do i need to change to add custom buttons?

    1. mcarp555

      Heliotrope does not use images for buttons; they are completely CSS-created. You would need to modify the CSS file in the theme to alter the appearance of the buttons. You can’t just add new button images; the theme would ignore them.

  3. bo

    It can be used with or without AOM 5.3.

    1. mcarp555

      There are minor differences in versions of AOM from v5.0.0 to v5.2.1 that Heliotrope is not compatible with. Also some of these versions of AOM have severe bugs in them, so it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to use this theme with any version older than v5.3.0.

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