Home Page Extras

Home Page Extras

Many of the templates available on this site include sample home page setups. They are to be found in the /extras subfolder (as well as any associated demo images), usually as homepage1.php, homepage2.php and homepage3.php (See the README file that’s included with the templates for details). You’re free to edit these files any way you like, swapping out the sample text with your own, changing the images to match products or categories on your site, adding links to product, etc.

To use one of the home page files with your site (such as homepage1.php), go to the Home Page tab of your AOM control panel after you have installed the template files. Select the HTML/PHP option. Scroll down to Home File at the bottom of the page, and enter the file path to the home page file you wish to use, in this format:


Then click on the Save button. If you view your site, the home page should now be displaying the homepage1.php layout. You would change the filename (such as homepage2.php or homepage3.php) if you wish to use a different sample page.

As mentioned above, this information is also included in the README file for your convenience.

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