Live Previews?

Live Previews?

When this site first went live in Spring 2011, it was decided to offer live previews of all the themes so that interested users could get a feel for how the templates actually work. It’s been pretty successful up to now.

However, lately there has been an influx of (primarily) Indonesian pirates who have been happy to attempt to steal as much of any given template as possible to re-sell without permission. Because they can’t get full access to all the files, their versions have been pretty pale imitations. But a lot of work goes into a template, and I don’t do it for the benefit of parasites on the other side of the world who are happy to claim the work as their own.

I have managed to shut down a few of them, but like roaches, two to three spring up for every one you take down. So, in order to protect myself, I’ve been forced to pull all the live previews. I realize that this hampers legitimate customers who would like to “try before they buy”, but as usual, a few bad apples spoil it for everyone else.

After the first of the year, I will begin setting up a series of screenshots for all the crucial store pages (Category, Item, Shopping Cart, etc.) and link to those. If a way presents itself that allows for a site to be viewed without being scraped or ripped, I’d be more than happy to restore the previews. But for now this will have to do. While this won’t stop the small trickle of templates that have already been compromised from making the rounds, it should help future designs from being offered up within a week of their official release on this site.


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