Building on the success of Heliotrope, we are pleased to present X-site. But this is not just a reworking of the previous theme. It features a radically different column layout, with both side columns together. You have full control over which boxes go where, to suit your needs. A modern-looking header with eye-catching graphics makes sure that your site is memorable to your customers.

Like Heliotrope, the button sets are CSS-generated to provide a unique highlight effect. Other features include a fully customizable large navigation bar at the top (and a second set of links at the bottom of the page), a handy ‘Back to Top’ button on category and item pages, highlighted focus boxes for all search inputs, room for a large AdSense unit or Amazon widget, variable-width layout and built-in shopping cart text (which you can override).

There are also a dozen sample header display images you can use for the most common categories, such as the Books image shown. Other categories include Apparel, Baby, Computers, Jewelry, Video Games, Watches and more. You can use the ones provided or create your own. Or embed flash or video if you want. Plus four built-in color schemes (Majestic Purple, Red Shadow, Eclipse Blue and Hidden Forest) are included. Site visitors with non-compatible browsers will see a default black to grey gradient image in the background instead of black to color.

X-site is a theme that lives up to its name.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Unique side-by-side column layout (a first for any Associate-O-Matic theme)
  • Large fully customizable navigation bar at top of page
  • Second customizable link area at bottom of page
  • ‘Back to Top’ button on Category and Item pages
  • Full button set for all Amazon locales, with highlight on mouseover
  • Variable-width layout
  • Built-in shopping cart text you can easily override
  • All search boxes highlight when you click in them to type
  • Four color schemes included
  • Twelve sample category images for the main header graphic included

Price: $35.00

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