The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines debonair as suave, or “smooth in texture, performance, or style”. The same can be said of Debonnaire as well.  This template is built on the idea that ‘less is more’ by using an austere layout with familiar elements changed around or altered so as to not resemble a typical AOM store. It has the double sidebar that was first seen in the X-Site template, but here the other page elements are more subdued. From the clean header to the simple footer, the use of white space gives an openness that illustrates how the category and item redesign is functional as well as attractive.

Below the header area is a thinline rollover menu combined with the search function. This leads the eye to the top of the body section, and a highly stylized pagination/category title space, with an optional sort menu contained in a colored box. Categories and items are in a reverse orientation, with much of the text info reorganized. The Marketplace, Advanced Search and Sitemap pages are all familiar, yet different in various ways.

Other features include a variable-width layout, CSS-generated buttons for all Amazon locales, built-in shopping cart text and four included color schemes (Opal Blue, Moonlight Black, Meadow Green and Stoney Grey). This is the first AOM theme to use additional colors not included in the available options from the control panel (AOM v5.3.0 and higher only).

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Variable-width layout
  • Unique two-column side layout
  • Space for a standard-size ad in the header area
  • Highlighted color button sets for all Amazon locales
  • Built-in shopping cart text (easily overridden)
  • Four full color schemes included
  • Three basic home page examples included

 Price: $35.00

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