Changing out the header ads

Changing out the header ads

Many templates available on this site come with space in the header for a typical banner ad, usually 468 x 60 pixels. To give you an idea as to how this would look, the templates that include this feature will come with a generic sample ad, as shown here:

sample ad

When you purchase a template that contains this feature, you can swap out the code for the sample with your own code, such as AdSense, etc. Or you can remove the sample code altogether and just leave a blank space. This will involve editing one of the template files. The included README file will tell you which file must be edited, such as the header.tpl.php or the logo.tpl.php file, etc. The files of course will be in the /aom/themes/templatename/ folder (templatename will be the name of the template you want to edit).

When you edit the file, usually with your website control panel (Cpanel, etc. – not your AOM control panel), there will be markers in the file to show you where to edit. Often it will look something like this:

<!– Paste your AdSense or Amazon Widget code below –>

<img src=”<?php echo $this->aom->tpath ?>/images/adsample.png” width=”468px” height=”60px” alt=”Sample Ad Display” border=”0″>

<!– End of editable section –>

As you can see, it clearly indicates what you can edit.  Remove the entire <img src=… line and paste the script code you want to use in place of it. Or leave it empty if you don’t want an ad in this space. Then save, and you’re done.

Note that if you attempt to install an ad that’s larger than the example, the results may be unpredictable.

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