Straight-line, menu-driven – that’s Linear. The hallmark of this theme is that it packs a lot of information into a series of horizontal menus, so shoppers can easily find what they need to know with minimal page scrolling. Using the drop-down menu system first seen in Heliotrope, it’s taken to the next logical step, with similar sub-menus on the Item, Marketplace and Shopping Cart pages. The information in the drop-down lists is still determined by the AOM control panel settings; if you turn off something like Similar Items in the Shopping Cart page, the option vanishes from the menu bar. It gives a unique look to the site that is unlike anything else.

Another first-time feature is the use of the PT custom box location for the side of the header area. No more editing of template files; just set up your custom box as normal and then which side you want the logo to appear on. The custom box contents will automatically appear on the opposite side. If you select the center option, the box contents will be placed above the logo area as normal.

Plus, there’s great attention to detail, from the stylized Quantity windows to the custom ‘No Image Available’ graphics (for all Amazon locales) to the self-centering panels under the Sitemap page (using one or two boxes depending on whether or not there are custom pages). Taking advantage of AOM v5.3.0 and above, the included custom color schemes use a large number of extra system colors not available in the standard schemes. And speaking of the custom color schemes, this theme includes not four, but SIX schemes at no extra charge! The available schemes are Submarine Blue, Orbital Sunset, Wheatgrass, Burnt Umber, Grey Shadow and Blue Mist.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, you also get all the standard items, like a full set of menu buttons for all available Amazon locales (featuring highlighting/rollover ability), built-in shopping cart text and three sample home page layouts you can use as a basis for further customization.

Linear is a template that’s designed to line up your site visitors, straight to the checkout.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Page information organized into a series of horizontal drop-down menus
  • Dynamically generated drop-down category list from main menu
  • Editable menu options for any custom pages
  • Header area custom box location via control panel
  • Custom No Image Available graphics for all Amazon locales
  • Six custom color schemes included
  • Three sample home page layouts included
  • Shopping cart preset text to use or override with custom text
  • Highlighted rollover button sets for all Amazon locales
  • Variable-width layout with full width header and footer

Price: $35.00

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