Imposing Limits

Imposing Limits

I was going to start off by saying that PayPal is not my preferred method of dealing with transactions. If I could, I’d be much happier dealing with cash. However, the problems inherent with Internet purchases are common to all payment gateways, not just PayPal.  So I suppose it would be unfair to single them out.

That said, I’m fed up with dealing with the various scammers that think they have a right to take something for free without giving payment in return. I’ve been having to deal with crooks and pirates almost since day one of this site becoming operational. I’ve learned a great deal in that time, and I can see that like many other areas of life, it’s a cat and mouse game; crooks are blocked in one area, so they try another. This then becomes blocked, so they try yet another. It’s an evolutionary system in operation. However the ones who suffer are a) the honest purchaser who just wants to buy a template and get on with life, and b) me (I don’t really care if the crooks suffer).

So with that said, a new system of checks and balances has now become operational. Starting today (January 16th, 2013), purchasers will be limited to one template per transaction. I can almost guarantee that if someone buys more than one, they do so in an attempt to set me up for a scam later. While these new measures may not stop that, it will at least limit my liability. I apologize to any honest customers who might wish to buy more than one, but that’s how it will have to be. Anyone with questions or comments is welcome to use the contact form (see link in the top right corner) to get in touch with me.

Note I am also lining up further countermeasures to make sure that scamming of this site is kept to the bare minimum (that is, zero). I won’t hesitate to take those steps if required.

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