Finesse is sophisticated. Finesse is elegant. Finesse is cool. A theme that uses delicate lines with blocks of color to give it the same look of chic you find in the latest fashions. An understated header area and a subdued footer frame the center of the page. Pale thin lines further reinforce the vital areas, directing the eye to where it needs to be.

The header area also leads to a splash of color with several drop-down menus, including a dynamically created category section. Unlike earlier themes which consisted of a single vertical list, Finesse puts all the categories right at eye level (because of this, the ‘Tabs’ are non-operative, as they are on many themes available on this site). Further menu options include the various site features such as the Advanced Search, Sitemap and View Cart pages. All of the site features can be turned off from the AOM control panel, as usual (If all of them are turned off, the ‘Site’ category tab itself also vanishes). There is also room for user-defined custom page links, and any external links you might wish to include.

A full button set for every current Amazon locale is included, with translations for all the non AOM-standard text in the nav bar. A running cart total is built-in, so your customers can check their purchases at a glance (including a graphic link to the View Cart page itself). Custom ‘No Image Found’ thumbnail graphics are also included, along with three color schemes (Blue, Green and Violet), plus three basic home page samples, to use as starting points for your own ideas.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Navigation bar with optional dynamically generated main category list
  • Editable nav sections for custom pages or external links
  • Built-in shopping cart subtotal visible from all pages, with link to ‘View Cart’ page
  • Search box with optional link to Advanced Search page
  • Basic ‘Left/Right’ pagination arrows at the top of category pages, with full pagination at the bottom
  • Complete button set for all current Amazon locales
  • Custom ‘No Image Found’ thumbnail graphics
  • Built-in shopping cart text (English only) you can easily replace with your own
  • Variable width layout
  • PT custom box located on either¬† side of header area for standard size ad unit with text or logo (suggested logo height: 120px)
  • Three custom color schemes included
  • Three sample home page layouts included

Price: $35.00

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