Unique ushers in a new phase of AOM template design. It builds upon the features introduced in Associate-O-Matic version 5.4, works with them, and then adds its own specialized wrinkles to produce what may be the most integrated theme yet. For instance, it uses the new CSS-generated tab structures of v5.4.0, allowing the end user to select from several different built-in tab styles. The now-native CSS buttons have been redesigned to match the overall look of the theme. This means the button style cannot be altered any further from the AOM control panel; however the text on the buttons can still be changed to whatever you want. Or you can switch to the default non-CSS buttons if you so choose. There are also optional corner ribbons to mark bestsellers and new releases that you can use or override with your own graphic if desired.

In the ongoing quest to move away from the standard AOM ‘look’, almost every page has been reworked, from Advanced Search to View Cart. The side column boxes feature larger text in the ‘list-style’ boxes (like Category and Subcategory), and all boxes use a block hover effect to clearly highlight the selected option (designed to work with the new Image Size feature). The pagination is large and stands out, with a total number of items that toggles off and on depending on the setting of the ‘View All Items’ button (“Showing Items 1-10” or “Showing Items 1-10 of 12,345”). Many of the text links, such as ‘View Cart’, ‘Checkout’, ‘enlarge’, ‘remove’, and so on, have been replaced by icons. These give a unified, uncluttered look to the site, and allow visitors to quickly navigate to what they want. Tooltips are enabled for modern browsers that utilize this feature; just hover over an icon to see a label in the language of whatever Amazon locale is selected from the AOM control panel (see below for examples).

Tooltip, Hightlight and Fade-in Location Text features

Unique is also the first template to take full advantage of the revamped Sitemap page, using a series of nested boxes to define the various levels of custom subcategories (see thumbnail below). Using the power of Jquery (an advanced form of Javascript that’s more SEO-friendly than Flash), many exciting effects can be achieved, from the complete redesign of all the drop-down menus throughout the site, to the ‘fade-in’ location text (see image above), and the infinite scroll on the item pages (a great space-saver!). The long list of similar products, reviews and the like have been replaced by a series of folder tabs, allowing visitors to quickly click through the available information, instead of having to scroll farther and farther down the page.

Plus, like other themes on this site, there is built-in text for the Shopping Cart page, which you can leave as is, or replace with your own verbiage. But unlike previous themes,  two sets of buttons are displayed whenever there is anything in the cart. The header section allows you to insert a custom box opposite the logo text or image, and the footer contains space for any custom links (like ‘About Us’, ‘Contact’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Shipping Information’, etc.). The README file (visible from the Themes tab of your control panel after you select the template) gives you information on how to modify these links to suit your own needs, as well as other information about the template in general.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Unique also comes with four custom color schemes – Ghost, Moonlight, Seashore and Open Sky. A new ‘No Image Available’ icon that gets the point across without words. And a completely redesigned set of sample home pages that you can use as starting points for your own ideas.

All together, it’s the most complex, feature-laden AOM template yet produced. It is simply… Unique.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Variable-width layout
  • Custom CSS button design
  • ‘Fade-in’ location text
  • Redesigned drop-down menus throughout (using Jquery)
  • ‘Similar Items’ etc. organized into tab folders
  • Infinite scroll on item pages for product information
  • Built-in shopping cart text (easily overwritten if desired)
  • Custom links in footer
  • Four color schemes included
  • Custom ‘No Images Included’ graphic
  • Built-in optional bestseller and new release corner ribbons on item and marketplace pages
  • Three new redesigned home page examples
  • Most text links replaced by icons w/tooltip functionality (depending on browser)
  • Revamped pagination with total items controlled by ‘View All Items’ selection (displayed as ‘12,345’, not ‘12345’, etc.)

Price: $35.00

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