Still here!

Still here!

While the main thrust of this site is to offer affordably-priced templates for Associate-O-Matic users, it’s also a blog, after all.  So I should probably put up a post to inform everyone about what I’ve been doing. Since finishing Unique back in March or so, things have been very quiet. I’d like to assure anyone who’s interested that it’s not because of any lack of interest on my part. It’s not uncommon in the template world (for any platform) for a site to pop up, push out a few designs, then fade away. Not so here!

The simple truth is that both Unique and Finesse before it were very involved designs, and both took a great deal of time and attention to detail. Between that and the work involved in upgrading all the existing themes to work with the changes in Associate-O-Matic version 5.4.1, I was running on fumes. Template design is a very creative endeavour, and I was mentally (and physically) exhausted from the hours of work involved.  So rather than push myself to the point of no return, I decided to take a few months off from design work and let the creative juices simmer awhile. This has allowed me to focus on other projects outside of the world of templates and themes. And I’ve been enjoying the protracted time out of the chair, so to speak.

Even so, I was still highly involved in the recent project to convert all the AOM demo themes into true downloadable templates. And of course, my ‘day job’ of overseeing the Associate-O-Matic forum, providing tech support and writing the AOM Talk blog continues unabated. Plus the fact that the weather is warm, and there’s just other stuff to do, and get done. It’s also giving me time to mull over some possible new paths to take in terms of what to offer on this site. We’ll see how or if that pans out in the future.

Meanwhile, my rough plan is to sit down sometime in the fall and knock out a few more new templates by the end of the year. The best time to start a new project is when you can’t come up with a compelling reason not to. I enjoy making templates for AOM, and will do so as long as I continue to enjoy the process. Sometimes that means taking a step away from the monitor and not let it become a grind.

So rest assured, AOM Skins is here to stay. I’ll see you in the Autumn!

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