Eclectia, as the name would suggest, is a little bit of this, a little bit of that. All mixed together to create a theme that’s familiar, yet original. The basic layouts are fairly straightforward, but the excitement comes in the details. For example, the header area uses hang-down tabs to display the search function and other important site links. The logo space can accommodate a standard ad unit, or anything else you might want to showcase in a custom box (the logo and custom box swap sides, depending on the control panel setting. If the logo is set to Center, then the box is also centered, above the logo). The side columns feature rollover highlighting, so users always know what they’re selecting. This template works with or without the standard AOM tabs, and there’s room at the bottom for any custom links, such as a Contact Us or Privacy Policy page.

One of the more exciting aspects of this theme is that the Amazon reviews are displayed in a lightbox, so visitors to your site don’t have to scroll down to the bottom of the page. Just click the Customer Reviews button, and they pop into view! And via the AOM control panel, you can determine the lightbox style (or just a simple popup window), as well as the width and length of the box. If you elect not to show reviews on your site, the button does not appear.

Other special features include a category total that’s only displayed if the View All Items link is turned on (displaying ‘1-10 of 3,496’ if the link is turned on, and just ‘1-10’ if it’s turned off). Four color schemes (Blackboard, Coffee, Fresh and Lipstick) are included, as well as three basic home page layouts you can use as starting points for your own customization. The shopping cart comes with built-in text you can easily replace with your own. Plus many stylized details that will insure Eclectia is more than just the sum of its parts.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Search box and site page links at top for easy access
  • Custom box Page Top setting opposite or above logo area
  • Rollover highlighting for side columns
  • Amazon reviews showcased in lightbox
  • Review box size and style set from control panel
  • Four color schemes included
  • Three basic home page layouts included
  • Customized button design depending on color scheme
  • Built-in shopping cart text (can be changed)
  • Custom ‘no image available’ graphics

Price: $35

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