Varius is Latin for (as you might expect), various. And this theme is the embodiment of just that – A commercially available AOM template that is responsive to various displays. Which means not only does it look good on a standard desktop or laptop computer, it will automatically resize and adapt its layout to accommodate the smaller screen sizes of most mobile and tablet devices. If you’ve ever tried to access your online store with one of these smaller screens, it can be a frustrating experience – You may get a corner, or one side, with images too large to view, text too small to read and buttons just off the edge of the screen.

But now with Varius, all that changes. In a tablet, everything stays legible. A two-column product display in landscape orientation looks very similar to the desktop view. Rotate your tablet to portrait view, and the product display changes to a single column, allowing you to scroll down and view each product without distraction. On a mobile, one column is the default view, no matter what the setting in your AOM control panel! Side boxes drop down below the products, with wide, easy to navigate highlighted links. Plus large Add to Cart or Buy buttons so visitors will have no trouble selecting what they want to purchase.

The Shopping Cart page has been redesigned from the ground up, using pure CSS (no tables!) to make the layout fluid and easy to fit onto a small screen. Pagination also uses large buttons that change depending on the screen size, and links like Sitemap and Advanced Search use icons that are easier to deal with without a mouse. Header graphics should automatically resize to fit; even the lightbox option has been optimized to not make enlarged images run off the edge of the screen.

But it’s not just the default layout – Varius uses stylish features that make it stand out no matter what size screen you view it on, such as exciting Javascript drop-down menus throughout. The footer contains customizable text and links to any custom pages you might want to add. And while the standard CSS buttons have been retained in this layout, the Classic buttons have been substituted with ones that leave a smaller ‘footprint’ so they won’t hang over the edge of the display.

You also get built-in Shopping Cart text you can use or easily override, four unique color schemes (Graphite, Newspaper, Nightwood and Tranquil), plus three brand-new completely redesigned sample Home Page layouts that you can modify however you’d like. And yes, they’re responsive too, so they look fantastic at almost any size.

With its fluid, responsive layout, Varius is not just a great-looking store design; it’s almost like three (or more) templates in one.  With this theme, visitors can shop at your site with ease no matter what platform they use.

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Responsive template for most desktops, tablets, mobiles
  • Javascript dropdown menus throughout
  • Redesigned shopping cart layout
  • Built-in shopping cart text (easy to replace with your own custom text)
  • Custom ‘No Pic Available’ thumbnail images
  • Customizable footer area for ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, etc. links
  • Extra language files for common footer links (‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, Shipping Info’ & ‘Privacy Policy’)
  • Custom ‘Classic’ button images to take up less space onscreen (all Amazon locales)
  • Four color schemes included
  • Three new sample Home Page layout designs

Price: $45.00

Template tested on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle emulators. Because of the wide variety of mobile/tablet devices,
display cannot be guaranteed in all devices.

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2 thoughts on “Varius

  1. I want to move to a responsive theme. Would Varius suite my requirements. In particular can I overlay a logo over the header to ensure intergrity of the website banner (i.e that the logo is responsive over the header image)

    1. mcarp555

      You can upload a header graphic like you do now, and it will resize to fit. Note that if you have a graphic that is much wider than it is tall, it might be hard to read at small screen sizes.

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