Default Responsive

Default Responsive

With the next upgrade of Associate-O-Matic due out later this year (2015), a new default template will be included that will have a more modern look, and of course be mobile-friendly out of the box. However, until then, the only other responsive option is the feature-laden Varius theme, with a price that reflects all the built-in bells and whistles included.

Until now.

For those AOM users on a budget, but who don’t want to wait until the upgrade (or just want to continue using the design they’re familiar with), we are pleased to introduce the Default Responsive template. It is a bare-bones theme that closely resembles the standard default layout, but is fully responsive to display on a variety of mobile and desktop devices. And no need to worry about search engines – this design has passed Google’s Webmaster Tools¬† Mobile-Friendly tester:

Mobile-Friendly Test Results

Because many people are searching for a way to convert their existing stores right away to a responsive design, the usual options included in our other templates have been kept to the bare minimum, in order to keep the price as low as possible. So no extra color options, no home page examples, no extra text or other fancy variations – just the standard default look as closely as could be done.

However, some features were considered important enough to include. These consist of things like side column highlighting on small-screen layouts (instead of just tiny rows of links); a CSS-only Shopping Cart design that will flow from one screen size to the next, unlike the bulky HTML table code of the old default template; and intelligent resizing of the Search bar and lightbox options, to reduce the overflow of text or images off the side of the screen.

If you need to make your AOM site responsive today, but don’t want to break the bank with the premium options of Varius, then this is what you’re looking for!

Thumbnails (click to view):

  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • Fluid Shopping Cart layout
  • Highlighted sidebar links in smaller size displays
  • Responsive lightbox images
  • Default layout look and feel throughout
  • Budget-priced mobile readiness

Price: $10.00

Template tested on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle emulators. Because of the wide variety of mobile/tablet devices,
display cannot be guaranteed in all devices.

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2 thoughts on “Default Responsive

  1. robert

    What is your most up to date theme?

    1. mcarp555

      The ‘Default Responsive’ is the last theme created, but it’s just a responsive version of the standard AOM theme. The most recent original theme is ‘Varius’. All the themes on this site are updated to conform to any changes required when AOM itself is updated. If the next upgrade requires theme changes, all of them will be updated again. When the next upgrade is released (soon), we will start creating themes based upon the new template that will be included with it.

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